Membership Developement

Membership Developement


The goal of the Membership Development Committee is to identify and document the benefits of BCHW membership and develop marketing materials and methods to attract and retain members by using chapter resources and talent.

In 2017, the Membership Development Committee was formed.   The enclosed Membership Development Manual was created, and seminars were presented around the state.

As stated in the manual this information is provided to the chapters as a guide, but it is up to the chapters to implement the programs as they best fit the chapter.

If you would like to have a seminar held for your chapter, need a refresher course, or have questions, please contact Ken at 509-466-2225 or


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Cover Introduction

First of all, THANK YOU to all of the BCHW members who have contributed your ideas and support for the following information.  By sharing our ideas, we all benefit.

The GOAL of the Membership Development Committee (MDC) is to identify and document the benefits of BCH membership and develop marketing materials and methods to attract and retain members by using chapter resources and talent.

The MDC provides the guidance, ideas and materials but depends on the chapters to implement the activity.  We want to work with the chapters and expect that there will be follow-up, mentoring, adjustments and documenting of the chapter’s progress.   We encourage chapters to add your ideas to that of the MDC and set chapter membership goals.

To accomplish the above goal 5 objectives have been developed.  They are addressed in this manual as individual standalone modules.   They are:

  • Develop leadership in the chapters and BCHW.
  • Elevate public awareness of BCHW and its mission.
  • Increase prospective member first visit traffic.
  • Enhance retention, through both second visit and annual renewal.
  • Augment attendance at chapter events

We recognize that to have a strong and healthy BCHW we must have strong chapters and increase BCHW membership.   We must also have active members.  Developing a strong membership first requires leadership and public awareness.  This is why they are addressed first.

Chapters are encouraged to study each of the above modules and select those elements that you can implement based on your resources.  As with any successful project there must be a leader who makes the project their own and the organization’s leadership must back the project (and its leader) with thought, word and deed.  A chapter member should be appointed to take the lead on developing and managing the Chapter Membership Program.  This does not need to be the person who processes membership applications.

Throughout this program we emphasize the importance of our message resonating with our audience and aligning with their goals and priorities.  Our message must be vibrant, moving and current to excite our audience about BCH.  BCH members must be knowledgeable and show enthusiasm when talking about BCH.




1. Leadership

Public Awareness


New Members

Member Retention

Attendance at Events