Introduction to Packing Support

Intro to Packing Support
Do you have an interest in learning how to pack? Do you want to help BCHW pack supplies to work crews both in the front country and the back country? On this page you will see some photo's of just a snippet of the things that can be packed. There are also some videos of pack trips, How to tie the best knots etc. There is also a link to a website of one of BCHW most influential Packers.
One of the most important things for you to understand is that there is more than one way to do things. What you see on this page are just a few of those ways.

Gravel Bags

Here Doc and Deb are hauling gravel at the Great Gravel Haul In!

Notice the gravel bags hanging on the mules.  They are tube bags that have a clip on them that pulls the bottom of the bag up.  Then a ground crew fills the bag with the gravel.  Note that there is a bag on both sides of the pack animal and the same amount of gravel is put in on both sides of the mule/horse.  That gravel is taken to the specific location on the trail where another ground crew unclips the bags and drops the gravel out the bottom onto the trail.  One should avoid dropping the gravel directly onto the animal's hooves, as some will react badly.


doc---deb-packing-gravel-at-capital--state-forest.jpg   gravel-haul.jpg

Hauling tools in garbage cans

Here Deb is hauling tools to a trail work crew.  Knowing the weight of the cans and the tools is very important.  Every stock animal is loaded based on the animals weight.  Once you know the weight of your pack animal, containers and the tool you can determine how much can go in each can.


These cans can be loaded while they are on the ground then put on the animal.  It is important that both cans be put on the animal at the same time.  Here is where a ground crew is vital.  If the cans are put on the pack animal empty then filled with tools you must load small amounts at a time, putting some on one side then the other.



Hauling specialty lumber

Hauling bridge decking is an art and a very important job.  These boards must be weighed and tied onto the sides of your pack animal.  Based on each boards weight and the weight of the animal will dictate how many boards you can haul on each side at a time. There are several different hitches that can be used, and we recommend the following video.



 Click on the photo above to watch a video on "How to tie a Lumber Hitch".



Hauling culverts

Hauling culverts for drainage.....they don't weigh a lot but you still have to be careful how they are tied on.  You want them to be secure and on in such a way that they won't get caught on trees and such.



2013 Power Point from Rendezvous about Cargo Packing

Double Diamond Knot

The TrailMeister, Robert Eversole is a great source for more than just the trails around the country!


Great Packing Resource

The Home of Great Packing and Trail Riding KNOWLEDGE Resides Here book!

Click on this link to be taken to an amazing website with some of the best information on packing!!!

Great Packing and Trail Riding KNOWLEDGE


A nice pack string led by an amazing Packer, Ed Haefliger


More info to come!!

This page will be added to in the future so please check back!!