Forms and Documents

Forms and Documents

Forms and Documents page outline and links to associated documents (Printable page)       


Some of these Files will download and some will just open!


 1. Forms for Work to be Accomplished

           a.  BCHW Volunteer Agreement with the USFS current

           b. USFS Volunteer Sign Up form for Groups OF301B


 2. Forms for Communications plan

          a. Communication Plan document (Sample)

          b. Radio Channel/Frequency Chart


 3. Forms for Emergency action and evacuation plans

          a. Emergency Evacuation & Action Plan    

          b. Emergency Action Plan   "Blank" revised 2/21/2024

          c. Personal medical/contact info    Blank


 4. Forms for liability release form

          a. USFS (if they provide)

          b. Event/Work Party BCHW Liability Release

          c. Permission to Treat for Minors


 5. Contents list for medical First Aid Kit


 6.Tailgate briefings and Volunteer forms 

           a. BCHW Tailgate Safety Briefing General Requirements rev Feb 2021 

           b. BCHW- RTP Grant Field Sign-in Sheet 2024 This link will take you to the Grants page.

           c. For BCHW Volunteer hours reporting documents Click Here


 7. Job Hazard Analysis Documents (JHA) 

              Click Here to access the JHA's Below

           a.  JHA Trail Maintenance

           b.  JHA Livestock Operator

           c.  JHA Chainsaw 

           d.  JHA Crosscut Saw

           e.  JHA Rigging Operations

           f.   JHA Noxious Weed Control

           g.  JHA Transporting Explosives



 8. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


 9. Incident Reports

           a. USFS Fillable online Sawyer Incident Report Form    NEW 6/13/2023.

           b. BCHW Incident Report Form   Revised 8/23/2022.

           c. BCHW Online Incident report Link    NEW 8/23/2022.


10.  COVID 19 Requirements Links removed since we are not under any orders pertaining to Covid.

            a. DNR COVID 19 Guidance and Risk Waiver

            b. DNR Approval Letter for Volunteer Work during COVID 19

            c. USFS COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions