Safety for Work Parties

Safety for Work Parties



Safety for Work Parties (Printable Outline)

This outline relies on the Forms and Documents page, (also a printable page)

The documents referenced below can be found on the Forms and Documents Page


1. Obtain funding (Grants) if needed

2. Meet with landowners: reach agreement on:

         a. Work to be accomplished Document #1a 

         b. Decide which forms to use (theirs or ours)   

         c. Communications plan Document #2a 

         d. Emergency action and evacuation plans Documents #3a


         e. DNR Volunteer Approval Letter during Covid 19 Document #10b


         f.  Covid 19 Guidance and Risk Waiver Document #10a

                Print out needed forms.

3. Assemble the work crew

         a. Sign Liability release form for all involved. Participants in volunteer trail work projects

                  under the age of eighteen, not accompanied by a parent or guardian.                          
                  must be required to have a "Permission to Treat” from the parent or guardian.

                  before the minor is allowed to participate in a trail work project.

                   Document #4b & Document #4c 

         b. Divide up the work crews if multiple jobs are to be accomplished, determine

                    if personnel have physical limitations. Assign work accordingly.  


         c. Ensure work crews each have a medical First Aid Kit, and someone has current CPR training. 

                                                                        Document #5


         d. Provide job briefings, use check list and attendance roster for each briefing. 

               Participants in volunteer trail work projects must provide a

               name and phone number for personal contact information required by hosting.

               BCHW chapter(s) Documents #6a,   #6b,  #6c and  #6d


                 i. Brief on the Job Hazard Analysis (JHA).

                              Documents in section #8, print all that apply.


                ii.   Discuss PPE (Personnel Protective Equipment) Documents #9                            

                iii.  Discuss Communication Plan Documents #2

                iv.  Discuss Emergency and Evacuation Plans Documents #3


4. Follow up

              a. Return forms desired by landowner.

              b. Fill in incident reports (If needed) and file with the President and the Safety Officer 

                                                                 Documents #9b


              c. Close out funding documents (Grants) if needed.