Junior Back Country Horsemen of Washington

Junior Back Country Horsemen of Washington

As Jr. Back country Horsemen members we strive to become educated and experienced riders, taking notice that our limitations are bound only by our fears and our level of experience.

We always expect a high level of conduct of ourselves and will respect the opportunity for others to learn and grow in their equine knowledge and experience level.

Leaving No Trace where we tread shall always come before our personal needs or individual gains. We must recognize the value of the back country in its natural state, yet we must not discriminate against others right to use it as they wish.

Our goal is to grow within. As we grow, we learn, as we learn we teach, as we teach, we influence, may our influence impact the good in every persons path we cross and every horse or mule we ride.



Welcome to a next generation of Back Country Horsemen! 


Complete Junior BCHW Program Booklet



Individual Pages:


Jr BCHW:  The following forms can be found on our Safety Forms and Documents page.

Click Here to get to that page to access the 4 forms below.

    Background Check Form

    Event Liability Release Form

    Medical info and Permission to Treat Form

    Incident Report


Junior BCHW Program Diagram

The Basics, The Modules, and The Foundational Elements


Electives/Modules Curriculum Overview

Module Fundraising & Events

Module Leave No Trace

Module Legislative Opportunities

Module Packing Skills

Module Parliamentary Procedures

Module Trail maintenance Skills

Module Trail Riding Skills includes the documents below.

           Trail Etiquette and Safety

           What's in Your Saddle Bag?

           Trail Riding Program suggested Rules and Policies


Additional Documents:



Click Here for the Jr BCHW Traildusters Program Packet




Back-ground checks will be required for any volunteer within the Jr Program!

For more info regarding back-ground checks please refer to the RCW's below:


         RCW 43.43.834








If you want to volunteer for this program, please click below to download and print a form.  Fill it out completely then mail to the address on the top of the form.


Back-Ground Check Authorization Form 


Starting a Junior BCH Chapter


Trail Etiquette video Click Here


Stop/Speak/Smile Sharing the trail Video Click Here


"Untrammeled" a video filmed in Montana to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act of 1964

Click here to watch the video.

Click here to learn more about the Wilderness Act and how important it is!!