Recreational Packing

Recreational Packing

Starting Pack Stock

  1. Lots of “lead rope with halter” work, mounted and on foot.
  2. Discourage the animal from leaping over ditches and logs, encouraging stepping not leaping.
  3. Try to train the animal to “ground tie” (stop in place when the lead rope drops).
  4. Get the animal used to hobbles.
  5. Fit a pack saddle to the animal properly.
  6. Load empty hard-side boxes on the pack saddle.
  7. Lead the animal (slowly) around on a narrow trail, so that it will hear and feel collisions with trees, fenceposts and other objects. Encourage the animal to miss the objects by influencing with the lead rope.
  8. Optional: Repeat the last step with noisy items in the boxes (empty pop cans, marbles, bolts, etc.) Probably unnecessary if the animal was sacked out properly.


Watch this space for more information to come.