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Susan Sundahl

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2021 BCHW Awardees

Please find the list of the 2021 BCHW Awardees.  Note: As these awards are presented to the individuals, photos and details will be added to this area.

BCHW 2021 List

2020 BCHW Awardees


2020 Lifetime Achievement Award

Doc & Deb Wesselius – Lewis County Chapter

Doc & Deb have shown a lifetime of dedication (over 22,000 hours) to BCHW in a variety of ways. They have held several different offices and served on numerous committees, such as Chapter President, LNT chair, trail boss, BCHW Awards Chair, Chapter Grant Manager, and Deb remains the BCHW Volunteer Hours Chair. They have provided thousands of hours of packing support over the years (for other orgs too i.e. Forest Serve, WTA, etc.), working on trails, always educating others (i.e. how to empty gravel from a pack horse, knot tying, Expo’s, saw certification, etc.), and promoting the BCHW Mission Statement. Thank you for your extraordinary leadership & dedication.


2020 Lifetime Achievement Award

Mike McGlenn – Whatcom Chapter

Mike has dedicated his lifetime not only to BCHW but to BCHA too. You name it, Mike has done it, not only for BCHW, but across the country for BCHA and continues to do so! Mike joined BCHW in 1985 and has held several offices and served on countless committees at the local (such as Chapter President), state (State President), and national (BCHA Director and Chairman) levels. He also served on BCHA Finance committee, Media and Marketing Committee, and DNR planning committees and is still serving on the BCHA executive committee, to name a few. Mike has promoted helmet safety, created the Chapter logo, and was instrumental in allowing horses on Blanchard Mountain. His accomplishments are too numerous to list! Thank you, Mike, for your passion for our mission.


2020 President's Diamond Award

Ken & Sherrie Elliot – Northeast Chapter

Ken and Sherrie have contributed to our trail system and organization for 32 years. They have been instrumental in supporting the BCHW mission in the Spokane area. In 2019, when the BCHW Hotshot crew went to the Pasayten Airport to log trails, it was not a big deal for Ken & Sherrie to make the 25 mile trip to the airport and log trails for a week. This work comes second nature to them both. But to see this done with their daughter Erin & grandson Ethan, you know they have been living the “Dedication, Passion and Commitment to the BCHW Mission” from the beginning.


2020 President's Diamond Award

Darrell Wallace – Northeast Chapter

BCHA National Chairman Darrell is the personification of outstanding dedication, passion and commitment to the BCHW Mission. His friendship, guidance, and advice has seen us through some amazing accomplishments. Darrell’s response when discussing issues of “how does this issue have anything to do with the mission statement?” says it all. There have been many trips, even cross country, and countless meetings where Jason Ridlon and Darrell, at times, have had the same dog chasing its own tail, but Darrell has always held true to the BCHW mission and our work.


2020 Trail Warrior

Paul Velotta


2020 Trail Warrior

Willie Kemper


2020 Trail Warrior

Rob & Tracey Michael


2020 Lopper Award

Linda Morin


2020 Lopper Award

Ray Gabert


2020 Lopper Award

Sherrie Murphy


2020 Junior BCHW Award

Hadlee Young


2020 Camp Cook Award

Dick Booth


2020 Desk Jockey Award

Darlene Walton


2020 Cinch Award

Kim Merrick


BCHW Backbone Award

Greg Dielman



BCHW Backbone Award

Jim Anderson


BCHW Backbone Award

George & Lu Young

2019 Lifetime Award


Dave Sunde


2019 Camp Cook Award

Doug Bailey


2019 Desk Jockey Award


Megan Adamire

2019 Lopper Award


Linda McAskill                            



2019 Lopper Award


Sherry Bassinger  

2019 Lopper Award


Teri Anderson

2019 Backbone Award


Fran Van Diest

2019 Backbone Award


Dave Seibel

2019 Backbone Award


Nancy Rust


2019 Cinch Award


Jim Thode                          

2019 Cinch Award


Dave Jackson

2019 Trail Warrior

Rich Ruhl

2019 Trail Warrior


Buddy "The Mule"

2019 President Diamond Award


Tony Karniss

2019 President Diamond Award


Tom Mix

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