Legislative Information

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Legislative Information

BCHW Legislative Day (Scheduled for February 15, 2021)

2021 Legislative Session (Begins January 11th through April 25th)

Virtual Zoom Event due to COVID Restrictions

Zoom meeting information will be emailed to those individuals who sign up to attend the virtual event.

Information for Accessing the Legislature Remotely in 2021  - Click on this helpful link

Email our BCHW Legislative Chair (Mitzi Schindele) with any of your questions!  legislative@bchw.org

Legislative Updates

February 23, 2021 Update

Quick update from Mitzi on SB 5452 Concerning Electric Bikes

It had an amendment accepted and passed out of the Senate Transportation Committee today as SSB 5452. The amendment (linked here)  is one BCHW participated in along with WDFW, DNR, Washington Trails Association, and Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance.

The original language in this bill would have set trail use policy for WDFW & DNR in regards to ebikes, dictated trail closure policy, and force the two agencies to recognize ebikes as non motorized.

This substitute bill will give the departments time to gather data and input from stakeholders to report back to the legislature next January. This is good as this issue is complex and requires careful consideration from many sources.

February 4, 2021 Update

Please find the below Feb 4th legislative updates:

Outdoor Recreation Caucus:

The list of bills and their status was updated.
Click Here for Bills Tracker

Click Here for ORC Upcoming Events

WWRC/WRPA Legislative Day Recap:
Several members attended this LegDay event. We were in meeting rooms with our corresponding representatives. This event was well organized and well stocked with program materials. It was good preparation for our own LegDay coming up on the 15th.

Click Here for List of WWRP Proposed Projects

Info on proposal, click the below links:

SB 5364 – For Details regarding Summary Info Regarding Request

January 21 and 28, 2021

Notes from the weekly OUTDOOR RECREATION CAUCUS (below is a description of the caucus):

January 21st – A list of bills was introduced and the Chair discussed their relevance to the group. We spent our time going over the bills of interest to kick off the session. Most of this legislative session will be dominated by COVID and vaccine related legislation and issues. As of today, nothing is up for immediate attention. There are some interesting bills that we want to watch and research further:

HB 1026 (SB5006) – Local parks funding options

HB 1057 – Clarifying the meaning of the term “enjoyment of life and property” within the clean air act.

HB 1330 – eBikes retail sales and use tax exemption

SB 5056 – Wilderness Therapy Programs

SB 5159 – WDFW PILT bill by Senator Warnick

SB 5292 – Parks Rx pilot program

January 28th – Budgets were discussed as we heard from RCO, DNR, WDFW, and WA State Parks. The consensus is that the Governor supports outdoor recreation.

We will continue to support our partner state agencies in their mission to fund their recreation budgets during this 105-day legislative session.

Where to Start with Supporting BCHW

Know who your legislative representatives are.

To do this, you first need to know what legislative district you live in. This can be found at https://app.leg.wa.gov/districtfinder/. Click on your location on the map and it will reveal your representatives and their email addresses. This information will update after the session starts to reflect the newly elected and sworn in representatives.

Another important link is   https://leg.wa.gov/ This is the main website for the WASHINGTON STATE LEGISLATURE. This site is comprehensive and complete.

Here is information to start with:

Know what to say: SHORT & SIMPLE is best! - Identify yourself, who you are affiliated with, the bill number or issue, how it affects you and how you request they vote on it. Thank them for their time.

PLEASE be very careful about not misrepresenting BCHW. BCHW has distinct positions on certain bills and chooses not to have positions on others. If you are representing an official position, feel free to state this. Otherwise you are entering your comment as a concerned citizen (who belongs to BCHW if you identified yourself as such in the Organization). Remember we are much more effective when we speak with a common voice. Otherwise right or wrong, we just come across as noise. 


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