Pack Support for the Pasayten Wilderness Project

Pack Support for the Pasayten Wilderness

Providing pack support for Trail Crews is critical to the success of the Pasayten Wilderness project.  Some of the opportunities will be…


  • Trailhead based shuttle packing. Cashing stock feed, tools, supplies and gear where needed. Generally, less than 12 miles round trip.


  •  Spike Camps.  On some trips, you will get to spend quality time in the saddle and spend the night out under the stars.


  • Assisting stock handlers at trailhead. Spend time with some of our seasoned packers learning how to Manty and balance loads.


  • Serving as Wrangler on Trailhead packing and Spike Camps. This would be a great learning experience for folks who have little experience with pack support.


We want to make sure that you have a safe, positive and rewarding experience.  To ensure this, we are happy to be providing training opportunities in the field.  Click Here for "Pack support Training."



It’s great to learn new skills, however, packing in this country is challenging.  There are lots of downed trees and changing conditions along with heat or snow in July/Aug. We will be working closely with you to make sure that the project/team you are assigned to is a good fit and a great experience.


All of this work will involve complex scheduling, so making firm commitments and remaining flexible will be critical.


Reimbursement to volunteer packers including transportation and meal allowance will be available.


In 2023, we utilized more than 10 BCHW packers to support our partners in the Pasayten.  Most were pretty experienced, and we were focused on getting the job done as simply as possible.  However, in 2024 we hope to involve more packers, especially those with less experience but a desire to learn and operate safely. If you meet that description, we will ask you to complete a form when it is ready. (to come)


In the meantime, we recommend some online BCHW material.  Click Here


For experienced packers who don't need additional training, we will ask you to complete a form indicating your availability when the form is ready. (to come)


We have a great team working on this endeavor to make it a success Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns by emailing:


Thanks so much for caring about the trails that take us amazing places.