BCHW/USFS Chain Saw and Crosscut Saw Certification Program


Your Sawyer Program Leader

Tony Karniss 

USFS National Saw Program Manager: Pete Duncan

Region 6: Aaron Pederson




Important Updates!!


Forest Service/National Park Service Chainsaw MOA for signature pdf


Online CPR training course



Be aware: 

There may be an increase in likelihood of fuel geysering due to a delay in the transition from winter to summer blends at the pump.  Winter blends are more volatile since they are formulated to work in colder weather. The transition to a less volatile summer blend occurs in spring for most areas; however, fuel supplies may be transitioning later than normal due to reduced travel.



                                              Student Resources  


Instructor/Evaluators Contact List


Sawyer Certification Course Application Click Here to register for a class.




Student Course Guidebook


Chain Saw and Crosscut Training Course Student Guidebook 


USDA Forest Service National Sawyer Training "Developing Thinking Sawyers"



Module #1, Saw Operations

        Module #1    Intro to Saw Operation


Module #2, Chain Saws

        Module #2.1   Intro to Chainsaws

        Module #2.2   Bucking

        Module #2.3   Felling (coming)


Module #3, Crosscut Saws

        Module #3.1   Crosscut Saw Basics

        Module #3.2   Coming  


Module #4, Ax Basics, Maintenance and Use (Coming)


Module #6, Wedges and Segments (Coming)


Module #7, Hung Up in Trees (Coming)



Additional studying


Saws that Sing: A Guide to using Crosscut Saws


An Ax to Grind    


“One Moving Part: The Forest Service Axe Manual"                   





       Additional Update for PPE


Saw Incident Report                          


List of Crosscut Filers



BCHW Sawyer Class Online Registration Process Flow Chart New Chart coming




                                              Sawyer Training Videos 

BC Faller Training Video

Spring Pole Video

Bucking--Bottom Bind Video

Bucking--Top Bind Video

Bucking--Blow Down Video

Bucking--Angle Cut Video

Situation Analysis Video



                                              Additional Resources



2017 Saw Program Volunteer Updates

Sawyer FAQ

Wildland Fire Chain Saws Student Workbook

State wide land manager radio communications frequencies and repeater chart






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BCHW/USFS  Chain Saw and Crosscut Saw Certification Program

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