BCHW/USFS Chain Saw and Crosscut Saw Certification Program

Crosscut Saw Sharpening References

Preparing For Your First Backcountry Trip  NEW!

Packing a Crosscut Saw

NEPA - The National Environmental Policy Act

NEW Anza man, horse rescued near Lake Hemet

The North Cascades Grizzly

What Should a Mule's Foot look like?

Utah Panniers

Where Did That Rock Come From?  (Where and what to sleep on in the backcountry)

The Care and Feeding on the Packer

You Can Lead a Horse to Water

A Safer Footing  (Tungsten Pins for horse shoes)

Extending the Life of a Shoeing

Using Round hay Bales

Equine Training Tips

Washington Horse Camp GPS Coordinates




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