LEWIS COUNTY CHAPTER of the Back Country  Horsemen of Washington

If you're in the Lewis County area and enjoy horses or mules and the great outdoors, we'd like to welcome you.  If you're interested in trail riding, campouts, great potluck food, socializing and doing your part to assure continued recreational opportunities on our public lands, then this just might be the organization for you. You can make a difference by learning and teaching methods of responsible use of our public lands and have a great time in the process.  Our Chapter activities include trail rides, campouts, trail building and maintenance, monthly meetings, potluck dinners, state BCHW general membership and in general having a good time with folks that share our interests.  If this sounds interesting, take a look at our state web page.  You're welcome to contact us for more information or come to one of our meetings and meet a good group of folks that share your interest.  Thanks for stopping by.

The purpose of Back Country Horsemen of Washington is to work toward the perpetuation of the legal and moral claim by the American people to use horses and mules for recreation on public lands.  See the Back Country Horsemen of Washington page for general information

The Lewis County Chapter of the Backcountry Horsemen of Washington normally meets on the first Wednesday of each month at the Salkum Fire Hall.  If you are interested in coming to one of our meetings, please call or email to confirm the location and time.

Membership is open to anyone who shares the objectives of the Chapter.  The BCHW membership is $41.00 for single and $54.00 for family membership.   The Chapter dues are $5.00.   Contact the President listed below for an application.  Or get an application by clicking here.

Mail applications to: 

BCHW Lewis County Chapter
362 Pigeon Springs Rd
WA 98570

The 2019 Schedule of Events

2019 Officers/Contacts

President         Jim Thode         (360)978-5336 
Vice President    Flo Paget         (360)431-6729     
Carolyn Stella    (360)262-3463  
Treasurer         Nancy Thode       (360)978-5336
Trail Boss        Slim Murdock      (360)520-5588
Trail Boss        Tony Karniss      (360)748-8640
Trail Boss        Jackie Hunter     (360)740-6273 
Director          Jim Thode         (360)978-5336

Alternate Dir.    Sherri Wright     (
Editor            Vacant
Volunteer Hours   Roberta McTimmons (360)262-9464
Grant Chair       Leonard Wright    (360)
Activity Chair    
LNT Chair         Vacant                
Membership Chair  
Jim Thode         (360)978-5336 
Jim Thode         (360)978-5336 

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Hard workers at the Keenes Horse Camp relocation project, Summer 2001

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Wright's at the 2005 Labor Day ride, Cowlitz River at Diemerton

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